An interface to the GBIF API for the R statistical programming environment.

Please see the main rgbif documentation site.

rgbif is an R package from rOpenSci that allows searching and retrieving data from GBIF. rgbif wraps R code around the GBIF API to allow you to talk to GBIF from R and access metadata, species names, and occurrences.


install.packages("rgbif") # CRAN version
pak::pkg_install("ropensci/rgbif") # dev version
install.packages("rgbif", repos="https://dev.ropensci.org") # dev version

Getting Started

There are several long-form articles that can help get you started:


Under the terms of the GBIF data user agreement, users who download data agree to cite a DOI. Please see GBIF’s citation guidelines and Citing GBIF Mediated Data.

Please also cite rgbif by running citation(package = "rgbif").